The Lookout

Billy began his quest to look for Doctor Ben, he knew he had to find him because he was up to some good mischief. He loved Sam and knew he would always love her but he needed to find the truth with the medication. So, the very next morning he went to his lab and began searching around. He was searching for clues but he just could not find any clue on point.

He searched threw notes around his desk but he just could not find anything that would land him to where he went. Sam has not seen Doctor Ben for a week and Billy surely could not place where this man went. Especially as he went mia on him when he explained Sam worsening condition to him.

Billy knew he had to find him and as he was searching around the lab he saw a paper, with notes written on it. He picked it up and his eyes popped open he could not believe what he was seeing. He was in complete shock and a sick feeling came over him. He began thinking of Sam and how long she has been taking the medication. He then stopped and think of how many other people have been taking the medication as well.

Billy knew the medication was very off but never stopped to think of it being this deadly. He held onto a chair and sit to process what he read, he said to himself. No way is that right, but he looked at the page and saw it was torn off from a notebook or something. Billy shook his head and say no, no, no this is not happening, this has to be a nightmare. How can someone create such a portion and give to people around him?

He felt sick and could not think of giving Sam this one because he knew she would not be able to look at herself. He thought of how she was weakening and getting more sick and he was in total despair as he realized this is worse than what he imagined. He needed to find Doctor Ben and get this sorted out, he needed to get the authorities involved as they needed to know what it is going on.

He needed more information, he quickly jotted down what he needed. He knew he needed to get all Doctor Ben patients name, how much of the portion they have been taking and if anyone died from the medication. Ben was hoping to get answers and fast as he was not sure what he was expecting.

He analyzed what he read from the paper and if he is right. The portion can get many more sick than they expect but the part that is worrying him is the portion has an illuminating effect that can make many think they are well again. This is what happened to Sam and she continued taking the medication, and now all other medication is fighting against it which is making her worse. That was not the part that was frightening Ben, what was having him puzzled is how can a medicine that supposes to kill have her still alive today.

Ben was getting very scared with what he was thinking so many more can be in Sam same condition. He asked himself a very strange question if her body is functioning with the medication? Is the portion having the same effects as everyone else? Is Doctor Ben creating a death switch on citizens around him? How much internal damage can this portion do to someone without killing them?

Billy thought of Sam and knew she was not improving but now she is off the portion completely. So he knew he had to head back by her to take more tests and see how her body would be reacting without the medication completely. He got chills thinking of this as he knew she has been taking it for a very long time and her body may not react very well to all of it.





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