Do not Go Back!!!

Do not rush back.

Do not join the crowd.

Do not follow the masses.

Do not go back to what you know and try to rush back into a world that is on fire

Take a step back, stop, pause and know we cannot allow this world to push us back inside.

Stay away as much as you can, continue social distancing and practice what you have been taught.

Do not be happy to rush back in.

Do not join the protests.

Do not feed the fire

This world would not get better if we fight fire with fire and have money controlling us

Can you not see this virus was a warning?

If you do not get this one today then you are ready to sell your soul to just live in this world

Take a step back and reconize what is happening around us today

Do not celebrate because you are finally outside or back at a job

Because this world is never going to be the same again

Until Heavenly peace has returned from above everything unfolding is a mask from the truth they do not want you to be prepared for.

I say again do not join the crowds.

Do not join them.


7 responses to “Do not Go Back!!!”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    We definitely shall see what life as normal will be after this. Hopefully, we don’t learn the hard way.

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  2. Ms Abigaba Avatar
    Ms Abigaba

    Nice read 👌🏾


  3. Seraine Page Avatar
    Seraine Page

    Interesting perspective. Valid points, for sure!

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  4. athousandbitsofpaper Avatar

    Absolutely loved this. It’s how I feel too. Do not go back and do not follow the crowds – I feel maybe this time apart has given everyone their own sense of purpose back. Perhaps rationality will arise in a way that busyness doesn’t allow. Lovely words well said


  5. berita olahraga Avatar

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