My Body Is A Temple

Our body is a temple and we must appreciate it. We must love ourselves and feed our mind and hearts with good foods.

Our Body is a part of us while we are here on earth. When we leave it will no longer be a part of us.

How we treat this body will help us uncover the balance of our lives and help us uncover who we are in life.

We must norish our bodies with good food and know when we are not we are damaging our organs. We must exercise this body as we need our body full alertness to help us manifest our goals.

When we eat food that does not help us or have drinks that is not norishing us we are actually cutting our life span short.

When our bodies are not norished we cannot fight a disease that may come on us. When we do not exercise we are unable to have the full energy to get the job done.

We also need rest as our body needs to recharge. I have found when I get less than six hours sleep I cannot focus the same when I get 7 to 8 hours full rest. My body cannot perform the same because I have not been able to fully recharge from the previous day.

If we want the best results we must treat this body with the best.

Have that good healthy meal daily along with that healthy snack.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator especially if you know you cannot get that run or walk today.

Train your mind and body to head to sleep by a certain time and wake up by a certain time. This can help with discipline and you will realize you can flow through the day easier.

Of course there are days we want a rest from the constant planning. Take that day off and have that cake because you need that time to rest and reflect.

What I have learned it is all about balance. We need balance in our lives and without balance we cannot see the road ahead clearly.

Our bodies need that care and when we do not take care of our temple we will feel the effect of never taking care of it.

After all do we all want the best from ourselves.

So, let us take care of this one body we all have.



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