The Race

Have you ever woke up one morning and ask yourself where did all the time went? I found myself asking this question today as I observed my surroundings. Not realizing a lot of time just went.

What have I been doing for all my life that now I have to ask myself where the time went. When we find ourselves asking this question, our spiritual world is awakening and opening us on a deeper level. This is a moment we find we do not want to waste another moment of our lives because we realize so much time has already passed us by, hopefully its not too late.

For me I woke up and realize this at 30, some would say a little late others may say just the right time. To me I found this out when I needed to in life, I have realize I wasted a lot of time, energy and resources wrongfully and I needed to because I would have never reached this point today.

It took me many many failures, heart breaks, betrayal, car accident, lost of jobs, family turmoil, death and anger to realize time cannot be wasted. Time is precious and you see this word call energy , it cannot be wasted. When we find our passion, our love something that makes our heart race and pours sweat for we have to embrace it.

I am thankful every day to find this after all my experience so I am able to write and have a passion for what I am doing. I have given up completely on expectations and basically living in my head. I have spend so much time wondering what others would think about me I clearly forgot about me .

I am one now who stands up for me and those who do not have a voice. All our experiences in life leads us somewhere or another, but we have to reach a point when we say enough is enough. To what no longer serves us, when we stand up for ourselves and really dig deep into our hurts and live our lives everything we ever desire manifests for us.

One aspect of life I always hold close to is the aspect of the love of the Universe. If we understand how powerful this Universe is we would not take somethings so lightly. Life is a journey but do not get too caught up telling yourself its a journey. Make plans, have goals and set intentions because you do not want to wake up one morning and ask yourself . Wait where has the time really gone? Use your time wisely, use your energy wisely and appreciate each moment.

I have started this practise, if I am not one hundred percent one day I will not push myself too much. I will rest because my body needs to recharge, if I am feeling flustered, I will meditate because I need my mind to be at peace. If I am missing someone I will message and tell them this and what is on my mind. Life is too short to be wondering and second guessing. I have wasted so much energy with this it is amazing.

If I have outgrown a group of friends, I am accepting it and moving on. I am not pushing anything that no longer helps me grow or has passed it course in my life. So much of our lives are left wasted and broken by all these things and running a race trying to just keep up. When we check a whole year has passed by or worse yet a whole 10 years has passed by and you wonder where the time went.

Let us all make a effort to embrace each moment, not live in our heads, love, learn and grow as tomorrow is never promised.






2 responses to “The Race”

  1. kimmieleatherwood Avatar

    Excellent post! I agree 100% – time is so precious! Sometimes we don’t realize it fully until it is too late! Appreciate every moment!!

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    1. simplypreciousmoments Avatar

      Yes, Every moment is precious

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