Entangled World

She was fierce and ready to face the world. With all her charm and elegance, Sally told herself she was ready to face anything that comes her way any day. Newly graduated with a major in business no one told her she was about to get a real hard reality to knock her down in the real world.

Life was great Sally came back from a world trip and was ready to on her family business. She took some time before she went in as she was taking everything one day at a time. Tick tock one day she woke up and told herself I am ready to join the business.

Walked in her dad office a Friday morning after not speaking to him for many months as he wanted her to join right after graduation. Sally did not listen on that day as she was ready to take a world tour. On that Friday she was back in the same office she was in about 6 months ago.

Her dad watched her in total surprise as he was shocked to see his daughter after so long. He told her to sit down and she did this at once. Sally was excited to tell him about the great news of her joining and he immediately stopped her at once.

He said to her, you should have called first or let me know you are back in town. Your mother did not mention a word to me that you are around. She was shocked as she thought this was known all along. Then he said I have something for you. She asked what then he opened his drawer and handed her a slip.

She immediately opened it and saw a foreclosure note on it. Her mouth dropped and said “WHAT”, he said yes my child, we are closing down. Sally was in total disbelief and could not imagine her eyes. Her parents have been running the business for many years and never indicated they were in trouble.

She asked how this happened. He told her they have been under financial strain for many years, financing school for her and her lavish lifestyle that it took all the cash they had around. They did not want to burden her and when she mentioned the world trip that took all the savings they had left for her.

Sally was mad, as she thought they could have warned her, but she had an idea that was going to save the business. She was going to sell, her condo, car, and jewelry to build up some capital to hold the business from foreclosure. Her dad was thrilled and was totally on board for all of this, but deep inside she was breaking. As she knew she had to leave her lavish life behind and step into the unknown this was going to hurt her deep in her bones.

Sally was used to having it all fancy cars, clothes and was popular with everyone. She had big dreams and was ready to step into that reality, not the reality that sinking in. This was all new but she knew she had to do what she had to do to change the situation that she was about to face. It was all too much for her and she was ready to take a run for it, but she looked at her dad and was totally held back as she realizes she could not run this time.

This time she had to stick around, this time she had to learn to shine because this time her family needed her around.






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