Holding on

Billy was holding on he did not want to let go of Sam because he was falling in love and did not want to say this to her. He knew she was wondering what was happening as he hardly said much but as the weeks passed and spending time with her he realized she is a charm.

He would check her every day and take tests and bring medication for her without hesitation but as the results starting setting in he realizes it may be too late for her. His heart was dropping as he has had many patients in his life but this one was leaving a warm fuzzy feeling he didn’t like very much. Especially as he knows he may not be able to save her, each day passed and he realizes why other doctors did not take her case.

She had a multitude of complications that required medications that is not even prescribed and even if he tried it will have serious complications. He would ensure every day she was not pushing herself too much and even ensured she was getting daily rest. But inside he knew that was not enough for her, she needed a cure and fast.

Each day passed and she was getting weaker and weaker but her persistence to take care of her flowers and do art was one he highly admired. Many neighbors would pass and say, she is looking really out of it are you sure you know what you are doing? But Billy did not understand what was wrong with her and as time passed and he confined with other doctors he was running out of time.

There were many mornings she was not even able to walk because of the pain but the medication she has been taking eased the pain. Her sisters would visit her from time to time and insist that she moved in with either one of them but she refused every time. Billy became her biggest help and three months have passed and he just could not put his hands on her condition.

One day he went in by her and found her lying on the floor he rushed to pick her up and realize she was bleeding badly from her hands. She had fallen while moving one of her painting and fell hard on the floor. Thankfully he reached on time to be able to help her. Then he saw something he never saw before an Aconitum napellus flower.  He was surprised as he never recognize this plant in her yard before, he took it from her and threw it immediately in the bin.

She was weak but her look was puzzled. He said softly to her that the flower is deadly and believe it was contributing to her illness. He picked her up and put her on the chair and asked her why she has the plant and worse yet picking it from the roots. She told him that a doctor told her he needed the plant to heal people, he was in shock and immediately asked who is the doctor?

She told him his name and knew who it is, this is the same one who called him into the area for his expertise. He was having a little trouble with him as he was selling medication without authorization from the authorities. Billy knew he had to do something about Doctor Ben who had to be stopped immediately.

He asked Sam if she has been taking any of the medication he has been giving. She said yes, and gave him the little bottle, it was a green substance. Billy said to her, to stop taking it as it is killing her slowly.

Now that he has figured out what was causing her illness he had a new problem with him. He asked himself, who else has this substance and what is the long run effects of this product? Billy looked at Sam and asked her how long have you been taking this, she said approximately a year. He asked who else you think takes it, she said maybe everyone but she has been taking the strongest dose especially now.

He watched Sam and noticed something he has not been seeing all along how she became weaker and weaker in a shorter time. It was like the medications were creating a serious effect on her and by now she should have died if she was taking this a year now. He knew the mixture of the product was off but with what he asked himself and he became a bit scared now as he was not sure if others have the same effects from this product or something worse off. He had two tasks on his hands now. Find doctor Ben and figure out what is in his medications fast, before it is too late.





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