“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Interesting and powerful statement. I would admit I was stunned when I saw this speech, but I have to agree with the statement. Customers and Clients do not buy a product only, they buy a brand and with a brand comes a vision. I am no expert at Marketing and Leading an organization but I would like to say a lot of customers stay loyal to a brand because of the outlook and passion towards a product. It can be from a passionate marketing team that wants to push a product or they know this item is a hit.

Many customers can stray from a product and head to purchase the new line from competition and leave behind the item they once knew. So the big question is, what makes someone stay loyal to a brand. Well, I will say it comes from the inside of an organization, the loyalty the employees have and the leaders who are pushing a product. It goes all to the passion and zeal to make everyone know, we have one of the best items for you to enjoy.

The passion within a team creates results, no passion for the team creates a lot of disappointments. It all starts from the top, not the bottom, the founder of the company to the marketing team, have to ensure they know why they are in the position they are holding. A founder of a company has to ask themselves, why do my organization exist? Once this is established they must bring forth this to their employees so they can have the same vision.

Leaders challenge the status quo, they go beyond what they know and always visualize an outcome. They would give their all to ensure their product is the best, and nothing less than the best.

Leaders trust their peers and always speak out their mission, so peers would always remember the way. Leaders communicate from the inside – out and they let their passion known for what they are providing. This can allow everyone to be on board with the goals of the organization.

Leaders are to hire those that believe in what they are providing. Not just those looking for a pay cheque, although it is necessary peers need to have a passion for what they are doing. Employees are to be hired by passion-driven, not only money driven.

Leaders are there to inspire, mold and develop a team. We follow those who lead because we want to and inspired by their passion for their cause or product.



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3 responses to “Leadership”

  1. atroxler Avatar

    So on point! If I love the product AND the people behind it, I’ll be a fan/customer for life!

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  2. Britt K Avatar
    Britt K

    This is a powerful concept, one that all entrepreneurs and business partners could put to use. Too often we forget about the power of our brand and establishing a connection.

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  3. dipsviewpoints Avatar

    Being a very big fan of Simon Sinek the post resonated with me….

    As a follow up to the concept of “WHY” I did read the book named “FIND YOUR WHY”.

    This book is a must for those who want to known their own WHY.The concepts provided in the book to explore our WHY is truly fascinating.

    I happened to write a blog on the steps to WHY discovery as mentioned in the book.
    Hope this spreads a word of motivation around.


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