Snow Moon

The snow full moon scheduled for February 19th would be bringing up issues related to work and health. Although this is a full moon it can bring a new beginning.

Old wounds would be showing up that need to be healed as action needs to be taken. In order for healing to take place and full energy of the full moon to be felt healing needs to be embraced. This is a time for soul searching as many disruptions may happen as a lot of old energy could creep up with this particular full moon.

This old energy is old hurts from the past that have not been healed. Past memories that may have left unhealed because it was too painful to deal with over some time. This energy was left hidden will creep back up.

There will be a lot of watery energy and be careful you get stuck in this deep dark emotional phase. This is a brilliant time to explore your energies and release old baggage.

Ask the big questions, why is this showing up and take the time to deal with it all. This is a time to grow spiritually, find new ways to deal with emotional turmoil. Throw out the old ways of dealing with situations and embrace the new.

At this time there needs to be a balance of energy as there will be strong energy alining at this time. Remember, work and health would be at the forefront. So, watch out for the creeping sound in your head that wants to blow you out. These need to be addressed as deeper implications may arise.

Old hurts at this time need to be addressed and find new ways to deal with it. This is the time to take action, take the wheel and act. Gather all facts, keep organized, jot down every defining moment and nail this old wound to the board and leave behind for good this time.

Take this opportunity to tend to yourself these rounds. Check in with yourself physically and mentally and take a deep check. Each full moon always has energy shifts and this one is a deep watery one that can help detox and purify. Once we handle the emotions, shifts, and energy the right way.

Happy Full Moon everyone and let us take advantage of the beautiful energies surrounding this one. Much love everyone.






2 responses to “Snow Moon”

  1. sugisays Avatar

    Very poetic! And visual. Thanks for Sharing!

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    1. simplypreciousmoments Avatar

      Thank you for the feedback.


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